Costs chair massage: tax benefits

Chair massage for companies is tax deductible

The costs for hiring a chair massage therapist is among the ‘free benefits’ (exempt for payroll taxes) for an organisation.

This exemption applies under the following conditions:

  • The chair massage is included in the health and safety plan of the company;
  • The massage is performed in the workplace during business hours;
  • The employee does not pay a personal contribution.

Chair massage is of a nil/zero valuation and therefore needs not be included in the labor costs (work-related costst scheme). This means that you can spend on 1.2 percent to other untaxed allowances and benefits for your employees.

2) The costs that an organization makes for hiring a chair massage therapist are fully deductible because the Tax Authorities recognizes chair massage as a method against absenteeism.

Chair massage is part of staff costs which are 100% deductible. Therefor, net you will pay less, depending on the corporate tax rate. Please contact us or the Tax Authorities for more information.

Doesn’t this sound good?!