Meet the team

The Office Spa is founded by Ivar van Hoorn and Sharon Teitsma, two (shiatsu) massage therapists, who met by a mutual business relation and friend. They both strongly believe massage is much more than just relaxing bodywork. It’s keeping your mind happy, focussed and creative!

About Ivar:

stoelmassage amsterdam ivarIvar is seriously interested in people and the world(s) they work in, while always keeping the lighthearted playful fun factor in mind.

Like a fusion cooking chef his massage style is a mix of gentle or strong shiatsu, Swedish and Thai massage techniques, whatever is needed for that particular person at that particular moment. One of his long term clients even calls him Magic Hands.

Next to his work for The Office Spa, he lets his manic creative juices flow as a photographer and film-director. He produced for example in 2008 a series of movies about meditation, massage and yoga called “Relax” for McDonald’s in-store narrowcasting channel. Being disappointed that nobody was eating their burgers sitting crosslegged while watching the screen, he went to live in a Buddhist community in Southern France from 2008 till 2010.

When he came back in Amsterdam, he let his hair grow long again and became a massage therapist. Why? Because he wanted to make people feel instantly good. He followed several chair massage courses and studied Classical Massage at the wellknown Leffelaar Institute in Amsterdam.

With his hobbies music and playing soccer he blows off steam in his sparetime.

About Sharon:

stoelmassage amsterdam sharonSharon is a real social and energetic shiatsu pro, who not only focusses on your outside but also on your inside. She studied 4 years of shiatsu (Japanese acupressure) at the renowned Zen Shiatsu Institute in Amsterdam and graduated with a thesis on face reading (don’t worry, that’s not the same as reading your mind).

Today she combines her shiatsu roots with other massage techniques like Thai yoga, picking out the best of these for you.

Previously she enjoyed working in Communications with the masses for companies like IBM, ABN AMRO, KLM for many years. Now she communicates with people one-on-one through the medium of massage. This way she feels she can help the world to feel better on a micro level.

Sharon also studied abroad in Spain and Portugal. Hablas español? She does! And though she loves these countries and their sunny climate, her favorite sports can only be done during winter time: iceskating and skiing. Having the wind blow through her hair. A couple of beers with the girls afterwards. Good times.