Chair massage Amsterdam

amsterdam massage ontspannenWhy our chair massage?

Chair massage is there to help you feel good, not only with a relaxed body, but most of all: with a destressed mind. In other words: chair massage provides you with much more than just fysical benefits. It keeps you focussed. Because we want you to feel energetic, spiced up and creative at work!

And ofcourse, The Office Spa team consists of certified massage therapists.

The Office Spa experience

chair massage amsterdam scent Scents

We are fascinated by scents and their effect on our moods. Our favorite aroma these days is a combination of natural lavendar & orange. These essences support the massage session: one calms you, the other lifts you up. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

chair massage amsterdam music Music

Same for music. We do put music on. We are careful about using ‘massage music’ with nature sounds, like running waterfalls and singing birds. Conventionally thought in the massage industry, vocal music seems a no-no for massage. We believe though that the vocals can be emotionally uplifting and inspiring!

chair massage amsterdam fun Fun

We think that fun in your work and in our work is important. Seriously? Yes, we are serious about fun. Not that we tell you jokes all the time – though we might once in a while. But fun gives you energy, keeps you going and smile.

chair massage amsterdam energy Energy

Chair massage is known for it’s relaxing effects on your body. However, that happy body also makes a happy mind, creating space for power, creativity and inspiration.

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Did you know?

  • One day of employee absence, costs an employer an average of 250 euros per day?
    Preventing this is better…
  • Chair massage is tax deductible? Check out how.

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